Digital Media Marketing – Conventional Marketing

Digital media marketing is just marketing that’s done using digital channels like websites, internet, and mobile. within the recent years, it’s completely appropriated the planet by storm and rightly so. there’s hardly any industry, or maybe the strangest business niche, left untouched by its enormous potential. Even industries like automobiles, that wont to rely almost completely on offline marketing, have now taken to digital methods to plug their products in every a part of the planet . So wouldn’t it be safe to mention that digital media marketing has finally overtaken conventional or offline marketing? Let’s determine .

digital media marketing
digital media marketing

The number of smartphone sales have increased tremendously ever the since the long-lasting Apple iPhone was launched in 2007. the planet has just not looked back ever since. Every single day, electronic giants battle it bent provide the absolute best of mobile and computing amalgamated in one. This trend continued with the launch of the iPad in 2010. Companies are shifting their focus almost completely on mobile and handheld devices, which has led the PCs end from houses and remain a price effective option in offices alone.

Recent study revealed that folks were checking out products, information, companies and native businesses on the phone far more than they were on the PCs or maybe the laptop. Many of these searches resulted in leads and sales. This made companies to shift their focus to mobile and saw the increase of the many an ecommerce store all across the world . Many ecommerce websites even have an app where users can shop. it’s a win-win situation for both customers and therefore the companies. this is often also an indicator that each one the functions like computing, searching, browsing, buying, document viewing or editing, etc. are all being done on smartphones and even laptops might end soon.

People have even begun reading newspapers and magazines on their smartphones, while books were being read since an extended time on handheld devices. This was an alarm for all the main media houses, which were forced into action by starting a separate digital wing whilst many are still very comfortable with the paradigm shift from offline to online.

This also led most of the advertising and PR agencies to shift their focus to digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn while also concentrating on Google AdWords and Bing Ads. All this has led to an equilibrium shift, that’s tilting more towards the digital side with each passing day.

So while it might be unwise and unjust to mention that digital media marketing is that the major sort of marketing now, but it most certainly may be a real player within the market and its importance is undoubtedly increasing a day . With a couple of exceptions, a successful product is one that mixes the 2 sorts of marketing within the perfect balance.

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